Steris 4085/C-Max Fully Refurbished


Fully Refurbished Table includes a brand new custom pad set, and refurbished hand control. With a 1-year parts and labor warranty.


  • Removed all components from the base
  • Sandblast, prime and paint base casting (Using high quality Polyurethane paint)
  • Replace all floor lock post, feet and brass linkages (very important for proper operation)
  • Replace both the control and motor batteries
  • Replace the power entry module
  • Replace all base Molex plugs including the electrical pins (Very important for a long-lasting power supply)
  • Replace the all 4 caster/wheel assemblies with New
  • Replace the floor lock micro-switches
  • Replace power cord (20′ molded hospital grade)
  • Polish stainless base cover to look like new


  • Remove entire column from table and disassemble, polish, and lubricate to prevent future rust
  • Replace the slide bearings and column oilers with new (Very important for smooth operation)
  • Replace the upper bushings (Very, very important to prevent table movement/play)
  • Rebuild the main lift hydraulic cylinder
  • Inspect all hydraulic fittings, solenoids and wire connections
  • Replace column plastic shrouds with new
  • Polish all shrouds to look like new


  • Remove all side rails
  • Remove leg sections
  • Sand, Prime and Paint¬†(Using high quality Polyurethane paint)
  • Replace the leg section bearings (Very important for smoothness)
  • Remove headboard and sand prime and paint
  • Replace hand control housing, Hanger and coil cord
  • Replace Velcro for pad-set
  • Polish all side rails and spacers to look like new
  • Check all hydraulic cylinders and fittings
  • Check Kidney assembly gears
  • Confirm the Return to level is calibrated


  • Attach the base, column and top.
  • Secure all fasteners using the appropriate thread lock
  • Check all wire connections and secure
  • Affix all new decals
  • Perform an electrical safety test (Very important for bio-med)
  • Install new 3″ Memory foam pad set
  • Send through our quality control department

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Steris 4085/C-Max Fully Refurbished